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Cement Balloons

This week we get down, dirty and creative with some cement home decor crafts.
If grass can grow through cement, you can defiantly do this yourself!

Let’s get started!!

For this project you will need.
1. Cement powder
2. Medical Gauze swabs
3. Balloons
4. Old container for mixing the cement
5. Paint and Paintbrush

Part A: Cement work
Click on the images below and follow steps 1 to 5

Part B: Next day after drying
Click on the images below and follow steps 6 to 11

You can stop here if you much more prefer the natural look of the cement. You can use these cement containers in a number of different ways.

Option 1: Place a candle inside to brighten the room for a romantic evening.
Option 2: Use it as a flower pot by planting a succulent inside it.
Option 3: Use it as a display item around the house and store odd bibs and bobs in it.

Creativity is key and the options are endless.

Part C: Painting.
Click on the images below and follow steps 12 to 16

All Done!

If you liked this project then you will probably like some of my other DIY projects. Feel free to have a look at my Cement Home Décor post as these two projects will work well together.


I hope you liked it!
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9 thoughts on “Cement Balloons

    1. Wow!! Thank you so so much!! My blog is little over a month old and you are the first person to comment on my work. Usually it’s only my mom or a friend from class. Thank you for making my day!

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